Your first experience with House of Siren Productions will be unlike previous experiences with other production companies. From the moment you walk into our showroom, you will be instantly transported to a magical place.

When you contact us for a meeting, you will have the choice of either coming to our office/showroom for an informative folio presentation, or we can take the presentation to you. On receiving your brief, we can start to explore all of the exciting options available for your event.

After our meeting, you will promptly receive a written
summary of our discussion, which confirms your specific requirements and objectives. We will also introduce you to our Creative Concept Consulting Fee, which allows us to give your event the attention it needs to develop. (see Policies and Procedures).

The next step sees us putting together a complete proposal and estimated budget, which we research and formulate to fit your event. If appropriate, we can also present design boards as part of the proposal. At this
stage, we will present to you some of our outside
contractors (sound, lighting, staging, etc.) should we be requested to oversee these aspects as well. From this point onwards, we work closely with you until we have perfected your entertainment program.

After your successful event, we follow through on any post-production issues, and produce follow-up reports upon your request.